Gran Theft Puddleton – Coming Soon to Aces Weekly

Puddleton’s historic, warm and cosy village, home to neighbours Jean and Albert and Jean’s grandaughter Alex, is about to come to end as the Lord Baron wins his court case to reclaim Puddleton and evict all its tenants. As Jean, Albert and Alex try to save the village from demolition, they uncover a new and sinister mystery.

Don’t miss Gran Theft Puddleton, available in Volume 26 of Aces Weekly January 2017.



Volume 16 Aces Weekly Complete


Unlike Jean here, you don’t need to wait for the postman to get your hands on Volume 16 of Aces Weekly. Its available 24/7 for you to read anywhere and on any screen at

Hope you enjoy the fun and the suspense!

Volume 16 Aces Weekly – Granny State – Coming Soon

4 Granny State panel1 3 Granny State panel 31 Granny Statepanel44 Granny State panel2

Hello and welcome to Volume 16 of Aces Weekly featuring the intriguing and funny comic about the adventures of Jean in Granny State. A leap away from the darker comic The Void in Aces Weekly Volume 15, Granny State explores what happens when the calm village life of an eighty year old is imbalanced by the arrival of a new neighbor new door…

If you subscribe to Aces Weekly before May 4th then you will automatically get to read Volume 15 as well as 16 and all the great volumes to come. Hope you enjoy Volume 16 out on May 4th!