Aces Weekly and Whole Foods Market

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Apologies for such a gap between this post and the last, I have been creating a comic for Aces Weekly and learning to be a Signmaker at Whole Foods Market (been a bit busy).

I am very grateful to be able to create for Aces Weekly which has provided an online publishing platform for many great comic book artists and storytellers. So make sure you read the next issue out on 2nd March 2014! Here are a few glimpses of my comic, drawn whilst listening to Stephen Fry’s new book More Fool Me, which I found funny and revealing about the world of the ‘celebrity’.

Secondly, I have discovered that writing on chalk boards is difficult but fun and a nice change to work in a neat clean graphical style rather than¬†my usual inky mess. I love the whole look of WFM stores and if you haven’t visited one, do so immediately as they are so much fun!

I will try not to leave such a big gap before writing my next post. Thanks for reading ūüôā

Sky Portrait Artist of the Year 2013

Recently aired on sky arts, I was chosen from 2000 entries to be a finalist in sky arts portrait artist of the year award. This was a lovely surprise and a fantastic experience. My image is the black and white one in the bottom left of this poster. I hope you all enjoy the series, it is great to see so many artists at work.

Oliver Twist Illustrations





Here are four illustrations for Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens that I have created recently for the upcoming Bologna Children’s Book Fair. In my research for this project, I wasn’t entirely bound to my drawing board. I went on excursions out into the world and drew old buildings and their wonky beams and windows. Oliver Twist was always a¬†favourite¬†of mine ever since childhood so now it is lovely to have found the time to illustrate some of its most exiting moments.

Majesty Revisited



I have decided to revisit this image and draw it again to see how I have improved over the last 8 months since I originally drew it’s predecessor. Evidently I feel that my 8 months ago self was seriously lacking knowledge of the way the world looks. Here below is the original image, and above is the new and hopefully improved image.¬†Onwards and upwards.


Christmas Sketches


Hello, here are some of my Christmas sketches in my travels home to see family. Most of it is in fine liner apart from the hand studies which are in brush and ink. The featured cat in these sketches is called Tigger and he’s nearly 20 years old! He’s in retirement.

A Stormy Sword Fight

Continuing on with the pirate theme, I’m trying to perfect my use of rain, I looked at artists such as Will Eisner who depicts rain brilliantly in his comic book¬†A Contract With God.¬†I found this illustration challenging but what’s the point if there’s no challenge in it, am I right?

The Escape from the Blackhole Ship

Here’s the next illustration in the story, following on from my last post. Originally drawn in brush and ink, the illustration was scanned in and coloured on Photoshop. As a choppy ocean can be quite a hard thing to draw, I took inspiration from other illustrator’s techniques. If ever in doubt about how to render something, I take a look through my graphic novels and picture books to understand how things are simplified whilst retaining their essence. I’m really hoping to get some children’s book illustrations from these example pieces I’m doing.