Here’s a drawing from life from my sketchbook of my Grandma’s living room. It’s great to draw all the little things that make up an older person’s decor. Great inspiration for my next Granny comic!

gran sketch 2

Gran Theft Puddleton – Coming Soon to Aces Weekly

Puddleton’s historic, warm and cosy village, home to neighbours Jean and Albert and Jean’s grandaughter Alex, is about to come to end as the Lord Baron wins his court case to reclaim Puddleton and evict all its tenants. As Jean, Albert and Alex try to save the village from demolition, they uncover a new and sinister mystery.

Don’t miss Gran Theft Puddleton, available in Volume 26 of Aces Weekly January 2017.



Macclesfield, France, London

Whilst graphic designing and sign-making for Whole Foods Market, I am still working on my comics for Aces Weekly, visiting comic cons and sketching!

I stayed with a french family in France and took my sketchbook with me. Here are a few of the sketches from my book:

I also recently had a table at Macclesfield comic con where I promoted my comics in Aces Weekly. You can read my comics among many others from the greats at:


Last Thursday Final Installment – Begins 11th January


Last Thursday is back for its second and final installment on January 11th. London has been deliberately flooded by the Last Thursdayists, but why? Who came up with Last Thursdayism? And why does their leader want our protagonist dead? Read this exciting comic and catch up on previous chapters at:

Its wonderful that Pipedream Comics included Aces Weekly in it’s top ten digital comics of 2015. The top ten are a talented collection of different comics, which is great to see. And thank you to Pipedream Comics for their kind comments about Last Thursday:

“This year’s stand out has been Last Thursday from Emma Chinnery, with it’s time shifting narrative and sublime black and white artwork on sepia paper that feels incredibly tactile in this digital world.” – Pipedream Comics

If you too enjoy reading all the amazing comics on Aces Weekly, then vote for us as your favorite on Pipedream Comic’s website:

Top 10 digital comics of 2015

‘Last Thursday’ – New Comic – Coming Soon to Aces Weekly

Scouring the internet during the obligitory brain downtime, I came across the fake religion – Last Thursdayism. So inspired was I by people who create a fake religions in their spare time, that I felt compelled to write a story. And here we are, my new comic ‘Last Thursday’ is coming soon (September 7th) to Aces Weekly.

Last Thursdayism isn’t a fake religion, it’s real. And you’d better believe it.


Panel extracts from Last Thursday – Emma Chinnery

Volume 16 Aces Weekly – Granny State – Coming Soon

4 Granny State panel1 3 Granny State panel 31 Granny Statepanel44 Granny State panel2

Hello and welcome to Volume 16 of Aces Weekly featuring the intriguing and funny comic about the adventures of Jean in Granny State. A leap away from the darker comic The Void in Aces Weekly Volume 15, Granny State explores what happens when the calm village life of an eighty year old is imbalanced by the arrival of a new neighbor new door…

If you subscribe to Aces Weekly before May 4th then you will automatically get to read Volume 15 as well as 16 and all the great volumes to come. Hope you enjoy Volume 16 out on May 4th!

Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2014 and Guardian Guide Strip Advisor for Aces Weekly

downloadFace Sky

I have been meaning to post about this lovely book that I am fortunate enough to be in! Its called A Little Book of Portraits and the portrait that I inked of myself in published in it with comments about all the artist’s work written by Tai-Shan Schierenberg, Kathleen Soriano and Kate Bryan. Its a great little book if you like portraiture, here’s the Amazon link to buy one!

The Void

The Guardian Guide Strip Advisor wrote about Aces Weekly mentioning my latest comic The Void, check it out:  Thanks Guardian Guide!

More from me in Volume 16 of Aces Weekly.