Card Design 2

I’m designing cards for a licencing show coming up soon. Here is an Easter one following on from my Halloween card in the previous post I’m deciding to go for the cute look on the cards I’m designing, as opposed to all those serious cards you see everywhere. If you liked this picture, then check out my portfolio on Thanks for reading.

Card Design

Hello, I’m coming up with designs for various holiday seasons. I’ve just finished this Halloween card (I’ve never sent a Halloween card, it’s not such a big thing in the UK). It’s the one day you can dress up and be silly and no one will make fun of you for it. This is a character I draw regularly for private amusement, but I’ve decided to propel her to stardom on this card.


I often sit next to my window, my telescope pointing out the window pointing up to the sky. Jumpers hanging over the windows to block the blindingly orange glow from the street lights that block out nearly all the stars. But Venus is so persistently bright that you can see it as a crescent of clouds through the telescope. I love getting so close to the moon through the telescope that one feels as though you could be orbiting it. Looking at the craters on the moon reminds you of the vastness of time. To look at a crater that struck millions of years ago is awe inspiring.

This image shows my appreciation and awe at the beauty of nature. I believe in a totally naturalistic explanation for the universe (as opposed to supernatural) I stare at my tomato plants growing and think – I’ve got to get myself a microscope!

This image was created in brush and ink on watercolour paper. The red and the texture has been digitally created.

If you like this image, take a look at my portfolio