Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2014 and Guardian Guide Strip Advisor for Aces Weekly

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I have been meaning to post about this lovely book that I am fortunate enough to be in! Its called A Little Book of Portraits and the portrait that I inked of myself in published in it with comments about all the artist’s work written by Tai-Shan Schierenberg, Kathleen Soriano and Kate Bryan. Its a great little book if you like portraiture, here’s the Amazon link to buy one!

The Void

The Guardian Guide Strip Advisor wrote about Aces Weekly mentioning my latest comic The Void, check it out:  Thanks Guardian Guide!

More from me in Volume 16 of Aces Weekly.

Aces Weekly Volume 15 Coming Soon to a Screen Near You

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Hey everyone, I’m hitting your Aces Weekly laptop and tablet screens on March 2nd so you lucky people can read the comics of all the great artists and writers out there. And me!

Above is a sample of my comic The Void.

If you’re curiosity is peaked please go to  and read some excellent comics online!

Aces Weekly and Whole Foods Market

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Apologies for such a gap between this post and the last, I have been creating a comic for Aces Weekly and learning to be a Signmaker at Whole Foods Market (been a bit busy).

I am very grateful to be able to create for Aces Weekly which has provided an online publishing platform for many great comic book artists and storytellers. So make sure you read the next issue out on 2nd March 2014! Here are a few glimpses of my comic, drawn whilst listening to Stephen Fry’s new book More Fool Me, which I found funny and revealing about the world of the ‘celebrity’.

Secondly, I have discovered that writing on chalk boards is difficult but fun and a nice change to work in a neat clean graphical style rather than my usual inky mess. I love the whole look of WFM stores and if you haven’t visited one, do so immediately as they are so much fun!

I will try not to leave such a big gap before writing my next post. Thanks for reading 🙂

Leeds Cycling Vision of the Future

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Here are a few clippings from a commission to illustrate what Leeds could (and possible should) look like with a lot less traffic and a little more foliage, trees and above all bicycles. Living in London, I feel that one of the greatest crimes inflicted on it’s citizens is to have a dirty great roads running through highly pedestrianised areas. You have to shout over roaring engines, breath in smelly fumes and have to wait for about ten minutes before you can sprint across a slice of road only two meters wide.

About the illustrations, it was eye opening to take grey, peopleless photographs of Leeds and splash colour onto it, bring people out, introduce markets and generally improve the city. I used watercolour and ink

Sky Portrait Artist of the Year 2013

Recently aired on sky arts, I was chosen from 2000 entries to be a finalist in sky arts portrait artist of the year award. This was a lovely surprise and a fantastic experience. My image is the black and white one in the bottom left of this poster. I hope you all enjoy the series, it is great to see so many artists at work.