The Escape from the Blackhole Ship

Here’s the next illustration in the story, following on from my last post. Originally drawn in brush and ink, the illustration was scanned in and coloured on Photoshop. As a choppy ocean can be quite a hard thing to draw, I took inspiration from other illustrator’s techniques. If ever in doubt about how to render something, I take a look through my graphic novels and picture books to understand how things are simplified whilst retaining their essence. I’m really hoping to get some children’s book illustrations from these example pieces I’m doing.

3 thoughts on “The Escape from the Blackhole Ship

    1. Hi Empty Notebook, thanks for your lovely complements about my illustration. Here’s how I coloured it, it was originally drawn in black ink on paper and then scanned into Photoshop. Then I select colour range black, create a new layer with the selection and fill it brown so that now the lines are brown. Then create new layers underneath the brown lines layer. I use a tablet to colour, colouring on Photoshop using a mouse might lead to insanity. Plus using a tablet means you can set the pen to be pressure sensitive enabling you to make big and small strokes with the same brush size. Hope that was helpful, just give it a go! – Emma Chinnery

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