Mahabharata Illustration

I was asked to produce this example illustration for a possible job for a textbook, unfortunately someone else got the job. But I enjoyed creating this piece anyway. I have learnt so much about beautiful Indian pattern designs, so intricate! I really try to take inspiration from other artists, I admire the work of Charles Burns, Craig Thompson and Nate Powell. I found that Habbi by Thompson was an inspiration for using the borders around this image to really get across the culture the illustration is set in.

I am currently working hard on a graphic novel – It’s name is ‘The Boy Who Went to Hell’, I will post some material on here soon. I have built the character’s house and put doll’s house furniture in it. I felt interiors was an area of drawing I could really improve in, so building a miniature house is a good way of solving the issue!

Thanks for reading

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