Where Do You Find Solace?

I uploaded the pencil version of this a few posts back, so I thought I’d show you the finished piece. The concept for this illustration was to create an image to depict ‘strength, support, solace’. Naturally everyone has different ways of coping with life’s up’s and downs. This image tries to capture my coping mechanism. So for example, my computer decides to close Photoshop, thus loosing everything that I had been colouring for the past half an hour. But after an initial feeling of annoyance, I try to look out the window and remember that I am on a planet in a universe of planets. It doesn’t seem too bad after that.

I know many people find it depressing to think about the vastness of time and space, but I find it awe inspiring . Also thinking about death is depressing to many people (notice the skeleton). I recognise death as a part of life because the matter that makes me up was forged in the death of a star. Only light gasses would exist if stars didn’t die, heavier elements have to be created under conditions of extreme heat and pressure, the only source with enough energy is a star. To me, there is no such thing as an afterlife. I’d like a pear tree planted over my grave so my matter will be used to grow pears (notice the tree coming out of my head).

Also the vastness of diversity in the biological world is awe inspiring. We have a very special planet where life has evolved into a beautiful family tree. I have’t been able to eat animals since I realised that we are all cousins, which made me realise that it is nonsense that people had been telling me that animals didn’t have feelings. People say to me, what about plants? Well I try to eat fruit, nuts and leaves that the plants want you to eat to spread their seeds. It is difficult for me morally – but at least plants don’t have a brain, two eyes, a nose, a mouth and two ears!

Thanks for reading. If you liked this illustration or any of my other illustrations feel free to contact me.