Mary in the Secret Garden

Mary is quite contrary as she follows the robin who is leading her to the Secret Garden. This is a different style to the previous image as I felt that it suited traditional black and white illustration. This was done in brush and ink on bristol board. Brush and ink is very beautiful as you can get such a variety of line thickness in one stroke. It makes fine liner pens seem very frustrating with their unchanging line width.

The Secret Garden

Hello, I’m trying different styles to soften my illustrations to suit a younger audience. I used a soft pencil (9b) to draw this image and coloured it on Adobe Photoshop. I visited some public gardens near me that have lovely winding footpaths and a variety of plants to draw. My aim at  the moment is to explore new ways to diversify my drawings. I’m still keeping my black and white style going for older children and adult illustrations, but its always good to stretch one’s creative muscles.

Colours for the Children

At the moment I am trying out making my work brighter to suit children’s stories. I realised that the black line work was darkening the bright colours, so I made them colours. I think this is working well, working on adding textures now as digital colour is quite flat. I am illustrating classic children’s books for my portfolio, the above illustration is for the Waterbabies (which is a surreal book to read).

Black Beauty

Recently, I’ve been illustrating classic children’s books. The above is one for Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. Many classic books are set in the 1800s or early 20th century, I therefore had to do some life drawing and research into the style of buildings and technology of the time. I visited Camden Passage in Islington, London to draw the old cobbled street with traditional windows and doors. I decided on using silhouettes for Black Beauty because I felt it reflects the mood of the book. Please see my portfolio for more Black Beauty and other illustrations.