Strength Support Solace


Over Christmas I have been away from my desk which has left me itching to get stuck into an in depth illustration. I don’t stop drawing even over Christmas. My sketchbook follows me around so I get great opportunities to draw places I’ve never been (also I can’t stand shopping so I draw shops instead!). I love writing stories too, always busy.

There is a great competition coming up for the Nour DV charity who are there to help people who have been a victim of domestic violence. They are running a competition to create a work of art on the themes of strength, support and solace and the chosen artwork will be auctioned off to raise money for the charity.

The above image is my pencil drawing for an idea that I have for it. I started off brainstorming everything that makes me feel better after something bad has happened. These included: thinking of the grandeur of the cosmos and nature, my own mortality and so the sacredness of life, and the feeling of looking out to sea and the horizon. So, the next step was to come up with as many thumbnail roughs as possible to try and symbolise my brainstorm. Then I pick a rough that’s working and develop that some more. I then go on to produce a full size A3  rough to see how the composition would work at a bigger scale. Once I’m sure its working I did some practise sketches of the animals, skeleton and did some drawing from life of the sea and trees. After all that preparation I’m ready to start pencilling in the final artwork which you can see above. This is on Bristol board and will be inked in using a brush and Indian ink. There you have it!


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