Live Magazine

I’m going to welcome December with some images of a Magazine I’ve illustrated the past two issues of.

Live Magazine – Issue 5: The first illustration accompanies an article interviewing a mugger who had previously been to prison. The second was an insert from a page of a comic I was working on in 2010 called Along Came a Spider.

Live Magazine – Issue 6 – This magazine looked at the recent protest and riots in the UK and discusses the possible reasons behind them. The first illustration in blue is about those who are born into riches continue to be rich and get even richer. Some of the protests, outside St Paul’s Cathedral for example, they are fed up with some people getting richer whilst others are getting poorer and even loosing their jobs. The second yellow illustration is about the London Riots. I lived in Tottenham myself for two years and moved out a week before the riots, I found living there (after growing up in the countryside) extremely depressing. I feel sorry for anyone who has to grow up in an area where the police sirens never stop, cars drive past solidly 24/7, everything was just grey and dirty. I am not at all surprised that the riots hit Tottenham, the people who live there are some of the poorest in the country and they are trapped in their poverty with no political voice to change things for the better. I hope things get better for them in the future, the poverty cycle is a hard trap to escape from, but I am optimistic that things will change for the better.


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