The Children of Rhodesia

I am currently working on a graphic novel named ‘The Children of Rhodesia’. I was led to start this story through the knowledge I acquired whilst researching for my degree dissertation (that received a first class!) I realised through my research that history is often written by those who are wealthy enough to write it, such as myself. Those who are poor have their histories written for them by others who do not belong to their group. Inspired by Joe Sacco and Craig Thompson; I have decided to use my advantage of winning the lottery of life in being born in a wealthy country to not tell my own story,  but to record the story of those who cannot afford to do so themselves. How is this related to The Children of Rhodesia? As I dived into researching I found that the Rhodesian Bush War’s history books, autobiographies and websites are all one-sided. This story is intended to balance out literature and the internet a little.

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